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The Da Vinci Code (DVD) Review

The Da Vinci Code as a novel is an international bestselling phenomenon, but The Da Vinci Code as a movie is bound to be long forgotten by yearís end. Directed by Ron Howard, the Hollywood veteran behind such memorable films as A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man, this adaptation of Dan Brownís religious thriller is 149 minutes of monotonous exposition and tedious European spy thriller clichÈs. What makes Dan Brownís novels so popular is the narrative background on such subjects as cryptography, secret societies, religious orders, and alternative history. But itís difficult to translate such ideas to the big screen, and itís here that The Da Vinci Code fails as a commercial thriller. Entire scenes are composed of lectures on the history of Christianity and the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. Michael Crichton has a similar style of writing that focuses on scientific breakthroughs and cutting-edge technology, but his novels adapt better to the big screen. Whereas Jurassic Park briefly lectured audiences on the inner-workings of DNA, then quickly jumped to two hours of dinosaurs terrorizing people, The Da Vinci Code keeps explaining, hypothesizing, and lecturing only to leave its audience hanging. The ideas are intriguing, but they make for a far better novel than silver screen blockbuster. Minus the interesting conjecture, the film is nothing more than a poorly written 1970s drugstore spy thrillerÖTom Hanks plays the lead role of Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of religious symbology lecturing in Paris. When Jacques Sauniere (Jean-Pierre Marielle), curator of the Louvre, is found murdered and strangely positioned in his famous museum, local authorities initially consult Langdon for his expertise. But the professor soon learns from Sauniereís granddaughter, government cryptologist Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), that he and the prime suspect are one and the same. Creating a diversion for the police, the two discover a hidden trail of clues created by Sauniere in the moments before his death, clues that just might lead them to most elusive treasure in human history ñ the Holy Grail. With InterPol hot on their trail, and the true murderer still at large, Langdon and Neveu enlist the help of Grail historian Leigh Teabing (Ian McKellen) to teach them the history of the Grailís protectors, The Priory of Scion, and to help them uncover the endless clues that promise to unravel a 2,000 year mysteryÖDespite the remarks of most critics, Tom Hanksí performance is not atrocious. Although his character is bland at best, he wasnít given much with which to work. Robert Langdonís lack of development is more attributable to poorly written dialogue and poor choices in direction. Ron Howard tries to cover up some of the excessive dialogue with visual images, but narrative is still narrative even with flashback sequences. Audrey Tautou delivers her lines well, but suffers from the same constraints as her Academy Award-winning screen partner. The only shining performance is provided by Ian McKellen as the eccentric and charming Grail expert, Leigh Teabing. Some of his one-liners add a bit of comic relief, but theyíre only band-aids on the gushing head wound that is this film. In the end, The Da Vinci Code is a lesson on the distinction between two differing mediums. Movies havenít replaced books, or vice-versa, for a reason. Sometimes, itís just better to read the book. In the case of The Da Vinci Code, this is one of those moments.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (DVD) Review

The brainchild of writer Joss Whedon, Buffy The Vampire Slayer originally entered American pop culture as a full-length feature film, starring Kristy Swanson, in 1992. But creator Whedon felt that the project never quite did justice to the full scope of his vision, so he managed turn the film into a television series in 1997. The result of Whedon’s increased artistic freedom is a series that has enjoyed both critical acclaim and audience notoriety. Nominated for 14 Emmy’s during its seven year run, the show managed to win only two (both in 1998 for Outstanding Makeup and Outstanding Music Composition in a television series). Yet, the true success for Buffy The Vampire Slayer is indicated by the massive success of the show’s long run, strong DVD sales, and the overwhelming success of the series spin-off AngelÖSarah Michelle Gellar plays the title role of Buffy Anne Summers, a teenage girl who stands alone among her generation as the “chosen one” able to “stand against vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the SlayerÖ” But Buffy is not alone in fulfilling her destiny as a slayer of vampires. She also receives help from the high school librarian, Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), who is a Watcher – the one chosen to train and guide slayers on their developmental path. In addition, new friends Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan – of American Pie fame) and Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon) quickly uncover the truth of Buffy’s destiny, and they often aid her in defending the world against evil forcesÖThe Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD offers a number of exciting episodes including the series premiere “Welcome to the Hellmouth” in which Buffy and her mother arrive in Sunnydale, California, trying to escape their past. But Buffy quickly learns from the school librarian that the small town sits atop a “hellmouth” about to bring forth a master vampire. When her secret is revealed to new friends Willow and Xander, the three must work together to keep the master vampire from using his vessel to enter their realityÖ Other notable episodes from Season 1 include “The Harvest” in which Buffy prepares to face down the master vampire’s henchmen so she can stop the harvest (a ceremony which will free the Master), and “I Robot, You Jane” in which Buffy and the Scooby gang discover a demon trapped in the school’s computer network

South Park (Season 5) DVD Review

Politically incorrect in almost every way, South Park is a crudely drawn cartoon with an almost limitless number of hilarious and sarcastic moments. Stellar, sometimes off-the-wall writing makes up for poor animation in this series which follows the lives of four third-graders at South Park Elementary School: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. With an enormous supporting cast of eccentric characters, South Park rivals The Simpsons in its ability to create strange, yet believable personalities…The South Park (Season 5) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere “It His the Fan” in which Kyle gets four tickets to see The Lion King on stage, but he can’t find anyone (adult or child) willing to go because everyone in South Park is infatuated with the upcoming television broadcast of the show Cop Drama in which the word s will be used on TV for the first time ever. When the big event occurs, it ends up changing South Park for the worseÖ Other notable episodes from Season 5 include “Cripple Fight” in which Big Gay Al becomes Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny’s Boy Scout leader, and “Cartmanland” in which Cartman’s grandmother dies and leaves him one million dollars which he then uses to purchase his own personal theme parkÖBelow is a list of episodes included on the South Park (Season 5) DVD:Episode 66 (It Hits the Fan) Air Date: 06-20-2001Episode 67 (Cripple Fight) Air Date: 06-27-2001Episode 68 (The Super Best Friends) Air Date: 07-04-2001Episode 69 (Scott Tenorman Must Die) Air Date: 07-11-2001Episode 70 (Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow) Air Date: 07-18-2001Episode 71 (Cartmanland) Air Date: 07-25-2001Episode 72 (Proper Condom Use) Air Date: 08-01-2001Episode 73 (Towelie) Air Date: 08-08-2001Episode 74 (Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants) Air Date: 11-07-2001Episode 75 (How to Eat With Your Butt) Air Date: 11-14-2001Episode 76 (The Entity) Air Date: 11-21-2001Episode 77 (Here Comes the Neighborhood) Air Date: 11-28-2001Episode 78 (Kenny Dies) Air Date: 12-05-2001Episode 79 (Butters’ Very Own Episode) Air Date: 12-12-2001

A Lot of Work Goes Into Producing Business Videos

There are very few things in life of that are good to just wing. This means that a person would walk into a situation without preparing anything in advance. They just take what is given to them and then it they figure out a way to deal with it. This is especially true when it comes to business. If a business person wants to be successful, they cannot just wing it. They have to think ahead about ways that they are going to do things. This is especially true when it comes to producing business videos nyc.

When an individual wants to make a video to promote their business, they are going to need to make sure that they think things out. First of all, they are going to have to just take a moment and think about the purpose of the video. Is it to promote a product? Is it educational in nature? Does it explain something that is taking place in the business? Is it trying to attract new customers? Once the business owner decides exactly what the purpose of the video will be, they need to start jotting down all of their ideas. They want to make sure that they are able to include all of the important points before they actually begin to write the script.

The next thing that the person is going to need to do is actually write the script. This is the heart of a good promotional video. For the most part, promotional videos are going to be relatively short. They may actually be less than a minute. This means that the scripts has to be to the point and it has to be memorable. Fortunately, there are companies that can help an individual when they make promotional videos for their business. You can click here to get more information about business video production newyork.

It is extremely important for all of the main ideas to be gathered and the script to be well written before any shoot begins. If these ideas are not gathered, the individuals who will be acting or who will be working on that video will just waste their time. They do not want to put a lot of time into a video that needs to be filmed again and again or that constantly needs to have the script changed. The business owner should make sure that they clearly express the main ideas that they want to have in the video before hand.

Dawson’s Creek (Season 4) DVD Review

A smashing success for the ever-surprising WB network, Dawson’s Creek is just one of a number of original hit series cranked out by WB executives in the past several years. Joining shows like Angel (1999), Gilmore Girls (2000), and Smallville (2001), Dawson’s Creek is the brainchild of writer Kevin Williamson who, it is said, modeled the show’s characters to reflect his own childhood relationships. Set in the non-existent town of Capeside, Massachusetts, the series follows the lives of teenagers Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), Josephine “Joey” Potter (Katie Holmes), Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), Jennifer “Jen” Lindley (Michelle Williams), Andrea “Andie” McPhee (Meredith Monroe), and Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith). Together, they form the nucleus of one of the most successful teen dramas in historyÖThe Dawson’s Creek (Season 4) DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere “Coming Home” in which Pacey and Joey return from their summer vacation together. Now, they must deal with Dawson’s hurt feelings over their being a couple now. Meanwhile, Pacey becomes homeless when his sister moves in with Doug, prompting Pacey to ask if he can stay at Joey’sÖ Other notable episodes from Season 4 include “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” in which Pacey accompanies Joey to an orientation for prospective Worthington College students only to be singled out by the dean – much to Joey’s dismay, and “Admissions” in which Dawson, Joey, Jen, and Jack all struggle over the college admissions process while deciding what school to attendÖBelow is a list of episodes included on the Dawson’s Creek (Season 4) DVD:Episode 59 (Coming Home) Air Date: 10-04-2000Episode 60 (Failing Down) Air Date: 10-11-2000Episode 61 (Two Gentlemen of Capeside) Air Date: 10-18-2000Episode 62 (Future Tense) Air Date: 10-25-2000Episode 63 (A Family Way) Air Date: 11-01-2000Episode 64 (Great Xpectations) Air Date: 11-08-2000Episode 65 (You Had Me at Goodbye) Air Date: 11-15-2000Episode 66 (The Unusual Suspects) Air Date: 11-22-2000Episode 67 (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) Air Date: 11-29-2000Episode 68 (Self Reliance) Air Date: 12-20-2000Episode 69 (The Tao of Dawson) Air Date: 01-10-2001Episode 70 (The Te of Pacey) Air Date: 01-17-2001Episode 71 (Hopeless) Air Date: 01-31-2001Episode 72 (A Winter’s Tale) Air Date: 02-07-2001Episode 73 (Four Stories) Air Date: 02-14-2001Episode 74 (Mind Games) Air Date: 03-28-2001Episode 75 (Admissions) Air Date: 04-11-2001Episode 76 (Eastern Standard Time) Air Date: 04-18-2001Episode 77 (Late) Air Date: 04-25-2001Episode 78 (Promicide) Air Date: 05-02-2001Episode 79 (Separation Anxiety) Air Date: 05-09-2001Episode 80 (The Graduate) Air Date: 05-16-2001Episode 81 (Coda) Air Date: 05-23-2001

Finding a Photographer for Your Big Day

If you have never hired a photographer and you are about to obtain the services of a professional, you should take your time in knowing your options before you make a final decision. You cannot take your chances on a newbie especially if the person has not yet established a fantastic portfolio. Photography Montrose is beneficial to those who are searching for professionals that are capable of capturing special and rare moments and ensure that the photos have high quality. When you search for a photographer in Montrose, you can ask for suggestions from family members or friends. You can also search the Internet.

High school senior photography is something that a lot of people need. If you are about to graduate from high school, you should not hesitate to have photos taken by a pro. Tell your parents about your wish to have a shoot with a professional. If you are worried about the cost of the service, it is best to check the different packages offered. You can also try to ask for a discount especially if you have invited a couple more friends over.

As for those who are about to tie the knot, it is a good idea to spend on wedding photography at Darby Ullyatt photography. Your wedding is a special occasion so you should not just hire anyone. You need someone like Darby to ensure that you will be happy with the wedding photos. Keep in mind that these photos are special so you should only opt for the best.

10 Most Extreme 3D Tattoos

When it comes to body art, what is sane for some is totally insane for others. What others call beautiful, some may call disgusting. Take a look at this video and see ten of the most extreme tattoos and you be the judge . . .

The best engagement photos show something special about the couple.

The best engagement photo you and your significant other can have is the one that goes the furthest in expressing both your love for one another and the things that make your relationship unique. One of the most interesting ways I have seen to express these sort of things is to work with a photographer based internatioanlly to capture some really special images of couples in a location that they have either always wanted to travel to or have visited before and felt a special connection to. This can involve hiring a vienna photographer to join you and guide your trip through the Austrian capital for a couple of days to all the most beautiful spots, or a proper international vacation photography to fly in and get your shoot all arranged so that once you are in the city they have all the difficult parts taken care of and all you have to do is enjoy the experience with your significant other! Of all the international personal vacation photographer portfolios I have had the opportunity to review, that of photographer Stephen Lioy is without a doubt one of the most impressive. Not only does he have some truly beautiful images included in his portfolio, but he also has done quite a few shoots from really fascinating locations around the world. There are shots from areas as diverse as Istanbul and Paris, focused on one couple or one person and presenting them at different spots throughout a region/city. Even beyond that, though, his travel portfolio has a really incredible list of destinations. Not only properly out of the way islands like Yap and PAlau, but even ridiculous countries like Afghanistan and Tajikistan that most people would never even consider a visit to! I’m fairly certain that this did can take care of your engagement photo needs, as well!

A vacation photographer for hire can make your trip feel extra special.

Finding a vacation photographer for hire can feel a bit dubious at first, as you comb through online portfolios trying to find a photog who matches your own artistic style and vision and then searching their pages for information on the cities they have a strong affinity for and the costs involved in getting them booked to do your shoot. Of course, many people need help understanding not only HOW to hire a vacation photographer but also in understanding why hire a photographer for a trip like this. These will often be people that have only a little bit of understanding of how difficult good photography can be, and how much research and planning goes into the days leading up to a big photo shoot for a professional. Often families and couples hire a personal vacation photographer because of how lack luster their photos have been on trips in the past, and the desire to learn more about how to improve their own photography as well as to capture special imahes from the trip in questions. After all, getting good trip photography (especially from international destinations where you may be just as unfamiliar with the culture and the language as you are with the landscapes and surroundings) can actually be a pretty hard thing to do! What luck, then, that such a service exists to make sure your experience happens in as positive a way as possible and that you are able to get the absolute most out of the experience. This kindof service is meant to make your trip extra special, after all, so you should do everything you can to make it absolutely as special as possible!  

How to Play the Clarinet : How to Begin Playing the Clarinet

If you are reading this feed, most likely you are interested in learning how to play the Clarinet.
The Clarinet is a family of woodwind instruments that have a single-reed mouthpiece, a straight cylindrical tube with an approximately cylindrical bore, and a flaring bell. There are many types of Clarinets of differing sizes and pitches, comprising a large family of instruments. The unmodified word Clarinet usually refers to the B♭ soprano Clarinet, by far the most common type, which has a large range of nearly four octaves. Take a look at this video and learn the basics of clarinet playing.

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